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stentorian adj : used of the voice [syn: booming]

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From Stentor from Στέντωρ + -ian. Stentor was the herald of the Greek forces in the Iliad, noted for his loud voice.


  • /stɛnˈtɔː.ri.ən/


  1. (of a voice) loud, powerful, booming, suitable for giving speeches to large crowds
    • 1922: James Joyce, Ulysses,
      The Irish Caruso-Garibaldi was in superlative form and his stentorian notes were heard to the greatest advantage in the time-honoured anthem sung as only our citizen can sing it.


of a voice suitable for giving speeches to large crowds

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

blaring, boanergean, booming, brazen-mouthed, clamorous, deafening, ear-piercing, ear-rending, ear-splitting, earsplitting, earthshaking, forte, fortissimo, full, full-throated, gravelly, loud, loud-sounding, loud-voiced, loudish, loudmouthed, orotund, pealing, piercing, plangent, resounding, ringing, roaring, rough, sonorous, stentoraphonic, stentorious, thunderous, tonitruant, tonitruous, trumpet-tongued, trumpet-voiced, vociferous, window-rattling
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